Who am I?


Do you need assistance with your advocacy campaign, with research, field reporting or training of communications staff?

I am a senior communications advisor with extensive experience in strategic communications, advocacy, media relations, event management and network collaborations.

Since 2011 I have worked as a communications consultant;  in East Africa primarily for ActionAid International  – in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya.

In Denmark I have helped e.g. DUF, NGO Forum / Global Focus and Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and written for among others Politiken and Computer World.

From 2005-11 I was Communications Adviser for ActionAid Uganda employed by MS Denmark.

Before moving to East Africa I was Head of information at the Center for Culture and Development for 7 years. Part of my job here was to lead and coordinate the national PR and communication campaign for the Images festivals.

I have also worked for Politiken, Nordisk Film and Wonderful Copenhagen. In addition freelanced for Danish media from Africa, China and the UK and contributed to and edited hundreds of publications mainly for NGOs

Vice Chair of Globalnyt.dk 2012-15. Chair of Crossing Borders since 2013.

Contact me: vibeke.quaade@gmail.com


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